USP of Horizon

Daily Academic Planner :Daily-academic-calendar


Planning plays a key role in student’s life. Our academic planner is the USP of Horizon which provides students year long planning for the entire course. This feature allows the student s to every topic through specified number of lectures, start date and date of completion. Thus it provides a direction to student’s efforts through proper guidance.



Homework Checking :Homework-checking


Homework assignments given to the students are checked periodically by a dedicated team of teachers. In case of any non-compliance by students, parents are informed
telephonically. Individual record file is maintained for each student.




Attendance and Result Tracking :attendance-&-result-checkin


Each student’s database is maintained which includes attendance record and results of periodic tests. Both parents and students have access to these performance sheets. Information about student’s absence is provided to his or her parents through SMS or call depending on the number of days of his/her absence. Also the results are regularly uploaded on the website and results are regularly uploaded on the website and a result text- message is sent to the parents.


STAR list:star-performer


Appreciation and encouragement have a significant impact on student’s progress. No matter at what level the student is, a noticeable 30% improvement in his rank is rewarded. So we acknowledge every student’s advancement compared to his previous ranking. For instance, a student had 100th rank in previous test and to 70th in next test, then surely it is worth noticing and he or she is rewarded for it.


STAR Batch:


Student’s potential is recognized and then categorized in the ‘Distinctive performers’ group which is the ‘STAR BATCH’ where they are taught in highly focused environment. This enhances their capability and brushes up their talent to the finest
levels. This batch consists of the best students and the level of competition amongst them is very high.




Doubt Session:


Along with a team of doubt faculties, the doubts of students are catered by senior

faculties in special sessions. This method gives students a chance for an open face-to-face discussion of any topic or concept, he finds difficult to understand.


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