Engineering Degree

Engineering combines the fields of science and maths to solve real world problems that improve the world around us. What really distinguishes an engineer is their ability to implement ideas in a cost effective and practical approach. This ability to take a thought, or abstract idea, and translate it into reality is what separates an engineer from other fields of science and mathematics.

Engineering is a skill to apply scientific knowledge to create and design structures, machines materials and systems. Students desirous of becoming engineers must compete in the JEE, the common entrance test for admission in the elite colleges across India.

The B. Tech or B.E. degree (imparted after the completion of Engineering Course Program) is awarded in various disciplines like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Computer Science and so on. A student needs to get good rank in order to get a seat in the institute of his choice.

Institutes like IITs, NITs and various other deemed universities conduct regular Engineering programs. The most reputed are however, the IITs and to get seat in the college is a dream from many. One can also pursue engineering course program from NITs and other state universities as these also promise excellent career scope.

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