Best Planning

Teaching Methodology

Authentic assessment, cooperative learning, ideal for all grades. Diversify teaching strategies by implementing service-learning projects and integrating technology in the classroom. These resources will help students to achieve a sound base and a firm foundation.


Doubt Session

Along with a team of doubt faculties, the doubts of students are catered by senior faculties in special sessions. This method gives students a chance for an open face-to-face discussion of any topic or concept, he finds difficult to understand.


Motivational Boost Session

The battle to achieve success in anything begins and ends in the mind of anyone. If students are trapped beneath a glass ceiling and just can’t break through. Hence to improve student’s aspect towards their life, there is a need of motivation boost to send them on their way.



Revision must be one of the most individualized processes within academic life. The main reason behind revision is one should need to know about their strengths and weaknesses.

At Horizon revision classes is not only based on course but is focuses on:

  • How much a student already knows?
  • How to revise?
  • What are the factors that usually cause problems for student in managing revision?


Course Completion Planning

Here we are not only responsible for the Course completion within duration but also focuses on How to improve the level of student’s mind to handle the pressure which are further going to increase.

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