After 10th

After-10thMany times it has been asked by the students that what to choose after 10th class? This is a good question and need to give a deep consideration over it. As it is state where students have to choose their line, their stream or we can say this state change their future.


  • What is your aim?
  • What do you want to be in your life?
  • Which subject you like most?
  • Which subject you feel difficult?
  • What are the family atmosphere and their financial conditions?
  • Job opportunities in that course.


There are many option after 10th which one can choose & out of those many options we are here going to talk about Science Stream:


  • Mathematics
  • Biology


If you choose Physics + Chemistry + Mathematics:

Usually who those want to be an Engineer focuses towards this Combination. After 10th is a quick start and it gives student a sound base comparatively. We encourage those students who are focused & sincere about their career plans with our JEE-Foundation program… Read More


If you choose Physics + Chemistry + Biology:

Who wants to be Doctor focuses towards this Combination. After 10th in this field again a quick start with sound base comparatively. Basically these students got more time and recourses to understand a totally new field and able mould themselves accordingly. We refer our PMT-Foundation program to them… Read More

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